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Our Services

Services We Provide

Protection of Personal Affairs

At SPI, we value your privacy and are committed to protecting your personal affairs.

GPS Tracking and Equipment

SPI offers GPS tracking for all your needs so you can see their location on a map anytime. We also offer security equipment such as cameras and alarms to help protect your home or office.

Protection of Business Affairs

SPI also offers protection for your business affairs. We can help you with security guards, alarm systems, and cameras. We also offer a variety of other services to help protect your business.

Our Services

When you need to locate someone (anyone, anywhere, anytime), SPI Investigations has the experience and personnel to make it happen. Whether it’s a missing loved one, long lost family member, runaway, or a witness in a court case, SPI will use all our resources to locate the individual. SPI has access to private databases that provide us with pertinent information in locating people. 

At SPI we work with attorneys as well as individuals serving both criminal and civil documents. Our goal is to serve important documents in a timely manner.

When a standard surveillance assignment does not suffice, SPI has the ability to conduct electronic surveillance through the aid of electronic GPS trackers. GPS tracking devices makes it possible to successfully track an individual’s movements and locations.

We investigate workers compensation claims, disability claims, slip and fall accidents, health insurance fraud, personal injury cases, sexual harassment claims, and other insurance claims.

SPI provides comprehensive background investigations of individuals for personal and professional matters. We have extensive resources to uncover the civil, criminal, and domestic history of an individual along with verifying past and present residencies.

SPI provides the highest level of professionalism for surveillance investigations due to our vast knowledge and years of experience having worked in law enforcement within a specialized unit that utilized innovative undercover surveillance techniques. We use a variety of surveillance techniques, along with GPS tracking, successfully monitor an individual’s movements and daily routines.

SPI will investigate and attempt to gain evidence in noncompete business agreements. We also investigate [potential] disgruntled employees whether they are still currently employed at the business or they have been recently discharged and have made threats against the business and or other employees.

When you suspect the worst, surveillance video and photographs can provide you with the answers. We will work discreetly to provide you with the necessary evidence to prove or disprove your suspicions.  In child custody services, we will work to help our clients find the evidence needed to ensure their child is under the right protection.

Can obtain past and current addresses of individuals

Able to obtain evidence of stalking and provide security for the victim being stalked.

Ability to locate and obtain past and current phone numbers associated with an individual.

Discreet, undercover work can be used when privacy is needed in an investigation.

If you feel a person is fraudulently making an insurance claim, SPI will monitor the individual and attempt to secure evidence against them.

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We are in business for one reason: to solve your issues swiftly and quietly. You need SPI if you want the truth.

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At SPI, we offer a variety of services to meet your needs. Whether you are an individual or a business, we have the resources and expertise to help you.

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SPI has a longstanding commitment to excellence and professionalism, which has earned us a stellar reputation among those we serve. We are dedicated to setting the standard of excellence in the private investigation industry in Michigan. No matter what problem you’re up against, we have the Michigan private investigator that can help!


Robert Stanton, founder of SPI Investigations, has over 30 years of law enforcement experience, 20 of which were spent working in an undercover, specialized unit that used innovative surveillance techniques. SPI offers quality services at affordable prices and always puts our clients first. 

SPI can obtain criminal history reports, including arrests and charges, past and current residencies (including other people who are also associated with those addresses), marital history, and other documented civil and criminal court matters can be obtained. Additionally, if needed (and privacy and/or anonymity is not a concern), SPI can conduct interviews with past and present associates.

Yes many investigations start with limited information, then like a puzzle the pieces begin to fall into place. You can contact SPI for a free consultation to assess your specific needs.

In the state of Michigan, all private investigators are required to be regulated and licensed through the state. SPI offers services that are provided by a licensed private investigator.

Private Investigators are hired to search for information about legal, financial, and personal matters. They can provide services related to preventative safety, security, surveillance, and tracking.

Prices may vary. In the Grand Rapids area, the hourly cost of a Private Investigator is usually between $100-$125.

If you need indepth information on an individual that is not accessible to the average person,  then hiring a Private Investigator would be advised. There are many reasons to hire a Private Investigator, given that a private investigator is a trained professional with the resources, skills, and experiences necessary to meet clients’ needs.

The best private investigator serves their clients in the most professional, honest, caring, and costefficient manner, while also respecting the client’s privacy unique concerns. 

Private investigators generally work in the private sector and handle cases that do not involve legal proceedings, while private detectives focus on investigations related to legal matters and often work in collaboration with attorneys.

SPI believes in accessible pricing and strives to obtain the most affordable services for our clients’ needs. We truly value each client and are passionate about helping them find the answers they seek.